Quick Change Mary Cohen (Solo Viola)


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Quick Change Mary Cohen

Mary Cohen’s ‘Quick Change!’ is a brilliant new collection of traditional, well known pieces and scales in both alto and treble clefs, it is perfect both for violinists taking up the viola who need to build confidence playing in the alto clef and viola players who need to build confidence in both alto and treble clefs. ‘Quick Change!’ is the great new way to come to terms with those tricky clef-reading problems.

This is a wonderful book for those violinists frightened of the viola clef. Well-known tunes and scales are written in both clefs for quick comparison. A fingering knowledge of up to three sharps and flats are needed…suitable for use by both violin and viola players. Highly recommended.

European String Teachers Association, Winter 1996

Mary Cohen’s Quick Change book of scales and traditional tunes for violinists, or other treble clef players wanting to read the viola clef (and possibly violists converting to the treble cleo) couldn’t be simpler and should prove a boon to both pupils and teachers. To the former, because there is a clear introduction explaining what to do, (play the scales and pieces, at the equivalent pitch – both parts are written out in the treble and viola clefs, then in Part 2, play two octave scales and phrases, with clef changes) and they can get on and do it at their own pace. Teachers will be grateful not to have to find material for students to practice…..All would-be viola players’ have to come to terms with the reading problem: its good news a quick solution is to hand. Thank you Mary Cohen.

Music Teacher Magazine, November 1997

Quick Change Mary Cohen


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